Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The akatarawa pass

The takeaways were good bowels still intact!!!

I discovered a new route to upper hutt today, turn left at waikanae and drive over a very winding single lane goat track to akatarawa. This takes an hour off the trip but would only recommend it for daylight use and short wheel base cars like the Mira.

Must also say special thanks to Leonie our house sitter for noticing my expired rego it  saved me $200 this morning at a check point in hunterville. l hope our cats muffin and trinny have been well behaved for you.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The big carrot

After a quick and uneventful trip home yesterday I had a few chores to do this morning before blast off

Get the car registerd
Take back sallys library books
Get a money card that works
Collect a gift for Sally from her cycling buddies
And finally pick up some water proofing stuff from robs mum

Good news all tasks completed successfully and only took till midday

Work rang to ask where my timesheet was  sorry about that, I'm back in a month

It's a long drive to ohakune and I discovered (rant starts here) el Grande drivers are the stupidest and most annoying in the world after getting stuck behind a few  I must say they are even worse than an overworked mum with a gaggle of kids in a Honda odyssey

Wellywood tomorrow hope the chicken fried rice I had for dinner doesn't have It's revenge before then.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day two go north young man

Things last night went much as expected we drunk the yacht club dry of tap beer by 4pm so had to move on to the good stuff.
Great dinner and a few tall stories latter and we stumbled back to our batch.
This morning was spent trying to arrange boat insurance thankfully with a happy ending. We climbed to the trig station above the yacht club to view the slightly delayed start then after buying lollies we headed North to cape reinga to our start point for our trip over the length and breadth of the country.
Lovely fish and chips for dinner with just a few wee beers and off to bed for an early start tomorrow.

I have photos wil post them when l can work out how to resize them on my phone

Day one

Woke up this morning checked the internet and coppelia was 2 hours from the finish so went and made coffee.
A bit later, after fully waking up I put the fridge in the car and went off to collect dad.
Finally on the road heading North at 11:00
Icecreams in whangarei and then on to mangonui