Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Back to the Mainland

Once again on our ferry crossing back from Stewart Island a maritime disaster was unfolding with a 16 ft power boat broken down and sinking just outside bluff harbor. Fortunately this time they had called a mayday in time and our ferry and the local coast guard turned up to rescue them and no one died.

Back in Bluff we took in the obligatory tourist sights of Bluff hill lookout (really bloody windy, Pete had to hold on to his glasses) and the road sign pointing back up to cape reinga 
Once again going north, NZ is shorter

Large Anchor chain to stop Stewart Island dragging in the breeze
A rather closed Invercargill Brewery
 On our way up to Dunedin we stopped in at the Invercargill Brewery, closed and looking unlikely to re-open.
Carey's Bay Hotel rather good food and beer
On-wards to the Top 10 Dunedin. On the way to dinner we drove past Emerson's but after suffering the cloudy jug of their IPA in Oban I decided  to go directly to the rather nice pub - Carey's Bay Hotel
A bit of exercise the light at the end of the Mole after pub closing.

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