Sunday, 3 March 2019

Stewart Island Catchup

Hello Again sorry for the lack of updates but while our accommodation was much more luxurious than last time it still had no wifi
safe after finish in the pub
 After crossing the finish line Coppelia tied up next to the wharf to flush and refill her water tanks. We then dropped her off on a mooring and returned to the pub to await the rest of the finishers. No real damage except the pump on the toilet packed up, this happened early on in the leg so we had time for a new one to be brought down for repairs.
Norwegian whaler propellers
 After bit of a lie in we got up to pouring rain, Sally and Rob set off to fix the loo I settled down to doing the washing.

Next day the sun was back out and the sand flies seemed to have gone off to feast elsewhere. Rob drove us and a few of the other sailors in Coppelia around to the abandoned Norwegian whaling station, There were less bugs and more to see than our previous Stewart island stop over where we investigated Ulva Island
Slipway and boiler at Whalers repair station

Vehicle transport Stewart Island style
On our return we got to see the chorus van being loaded ready for return to the mainland.
Competitors ready for launch

Rob with boat and his winning crew
Yes Rob's boat won the cardboard boat race. Motorboat 2nd, Sally's was by far the most solidly built and most water tight however it suffered from having a large water displacement and coupled with poor paddle selection couldn't keep up.
Sail past for the locals prior to restart

Spectator fleet including most of the school chanting for motorboat, they probably couldn't hear them though due to the volume level from the stereo

Clean start and Coppelia pops her chute first to gain a temporary lead on the others.
Final goodbye as the start boat turns back for Oban 
Things to remember for next time If your jug of beer comes out cloudy with foam on top but no fizz it is probably better to swap it for a different beer the kegs gone off.

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